Arctic Swell

We’ve wanted to play with lager yeast for a while now at Cromarty HQ. So when a tank became ‘available’ in the brewery we decided it was time. Also with it being the cold thundery time of the year it is, a nice malty number came to mind…in particular a Vienna.

A complex blend of toasted malts meld together with the peppery definitive lager hop Saaz and a yeast from an all time classic lager brewery. We coupled this with a proper low temperature lager fermentation and slow maturation to create a clean and smooth malty finish.

After spending 6 weeks at sub zero temperatures Arctic Swell was born, which we packaged into keg and bottle. The resulting beer coming in at 5.2%abv with its deep amber colour, full body and smooth finish is perfect to refresh you during this wet and windy winter.

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Arctic Swell - Vienna Lager